Founded in 2017, Box3 Films is a multilingual audiovisual company specialising in social documentary. We are motivated by contemporary issues and use innovative storytelling to give unfiltered access to unknown worlds.

From films for social action to educational outreach, Box3 fully integrate themselves into the communities they research and film. They work with people to create provocative and distinctive content which challenge society’s expectations.

Our other arm of production covers commercial projects for a wide range of businesses. We work for brands to create bespoke company videos, online content, film events, and promotional material. As social documentarians, our ethos is to humanise brands, connecting them with consumers on a social and emotional level. In an age of increasing consumer cynicism about marketing we’re skilled in creating an ‘Docu-mercial' hybrid which offers companies content that relates to it's customers.

Box3’s access on the ground and streamlined in-house resources take projects from research right through to post production, ensuring quick and effective turnaround.