Can Masdeu


Can Masdeu follows life inside Barcelona’s most decadent occupied building. Much has changed in the community’s 15 year life,  not least the residents priorities. Anarchism has made way for retirement plans. Abandoning a lifestyle of MI5 monitored activism and po-faced environmentalism, for admittance into a household where entry is sexual expertise or DIY know-how. The aging co-founders have reclined into the, at times, strikingly mundane reality of a somewhat unconventional domestic life.     

Can Masdeu, a formidable ex-lepers hospital looms over Barcelona.  It’s open garden but closed door policy allows its neighbours to immerse themselves amongst the permaculture but distances them from the internal politics of a commune that’s capped it’s numbers at 28.

For both co-founder Martin, who built himself a self-contained hut 200 metres from the main building, and the other more submissive residents; the community’s 15 year anniversary has prompted reflection on the ideals that formed their poly-amorous homestead.